Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MLB CBA almost complete

I read today that there is a chance that the MLB could complete their collective bargaining agreement at the end of this week that would ensure baseball for the next 20 years. It looks like we could be adding a second wild card team and be evening out the NL and AL. It looks like the Houston Astros will be moving to the AL west to join the Rangers, Athletics, Angels, and Mariners. This will give each league 15 teams rather than the 14 in the AL and 16 in the NL. I like the move to even out the leagues but I don't like the idea of adding another wild card team. The one thing I am curious is about is how the schedule will work in the MLB. With 15 in each league, does that mean that inter-league play is going to be all year? It probably will be so that teams aren't taking 3 day breaks.

Another big thing that will be in this agreement is the compensation for players. Compensation would be limited to the stars like Albert Pujols and not players like Jason Varitek who didn't even play much this year. This is a good move in my mind. I think teams are tired of giving up draft picks for players that are mediocre. It makes sense if they are a star but if the Red Sox lose Jason Varitek, it isn't even really a loss. He wasn't even starting. I think there should only be like 10 or 12 players at most that should compensation players.

There are other "significant" changes to come but until the deal is finished we won't know all the details. There is word of a competitive balance tax, which I hope means teams that spend too much are going to have to pay a tax. I wish we would have a salary cap because it is unfair how much money the Yankees, Red Sox, and Cubs spend. Then there are teams like the Rays who make the playoffs on a $40 Million budget. That is a fifth of the money the Red Sox used and the Sox didn't make the playoffs but the Rays did. It is ridiculous. Hopefully this deal is finalized in the next few days.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Who should play in the National Championship game?

Now this is all hypothetical, but let's say that Stanford loses before the end of the season. (They are currently down 53-30 to Oregon.) What happens if Oklahoma State loses to Oklahoma? Now here is the real kicker. What happens if LSU loses in the SEC championship game. That one is not likely to happen but we are playing 'what if' here. Who deserves to play in the BCS National Championship game? If Stanford does lose this game, then it make it easy to decide who should go if Oklahoma State and LSU win out. If Oklahoma State loses, who should take their spot? More than likely it would be either Oregon or Oklahoma. I don't think the voters would allow Alabama to play LSU for the National Championship. Boise State lost so that takes them out of the conversation. I don't think Houston should be in the conversation. Sorry Houston fans. I don't think any team can really make a case for themselves unless someone else jumps over 5 or 6 other teams. If, and I mean if, LSU were to lose too, then it would probably be Oregon and Oklahoma in the National Championship game in my opinion. I believe that you should win your conference to play for the National Championship. It has happened twice where a team hasn't won it but still played in the National Championship. Oklahoma lost to LSU and Nebraska lost to Miami. Unless LSU somehow doesn't play for the SEC championship and Alabama does, then I don't think Alabama deserves to play for the National Championship. More than likely, none of this will happen. Hopefully this all doesn't happen and Oklahoma State plays LSU in the title game because that is one game that I would love to see. Taking one of the best offenses against one of the best defenses and let them clash. That would be a great game. There is still potential for a team to stir up the pot and make thing interesting but right now we have our two teams that if they win out, who will play for the title.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Quicken Loans Carrier Classic

As I watched the coverage for this all day, I realized how amazing this is for not just North Carolina and Michigan State, but for everyone. Today is Veteran's Day and what a great way to honor those who serve our country by playing the game on an aircraft carrier and only allowing members of our armed forces to attend the game for the most part. Barack Obama being at the game just adds to the importance. It may not seem like an important game since it is the first game for both teams but seeing what our country has gone through in the last 10 years, we can all sit together and know that we don't deserve to be at that game. We don't. Unless you have served our country, you don't deserve to be at that game. Today we honor those who did serve our country. They put their life on the line for our freedom every single day. This is the least that we can do for them. Allowing them to be in attendance for a possible once in a lifetime event, is the least we can do for them. We should be doing more. Thank a veteran today. Thank one everyday for their service. As they just did the evening colors, it sent chills up my spine. This is such a unique event. Their may be a winner on the scoreboard, but in actuality no one loses today. Today I am proud to say that I am an American.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Ohio State Sanctions

In the midst of all the talks about Penn State, Ohio State received some bad news today. The NCAA notified Ohio State it was adding the charge of ‘Failure to Monitor’ due to recent circumstances. Jordan Hall, Travis Howard, Corey Brown, and former quarterback Terrelle Pryor all attended a charity banquet in which they received $200 for attending. Hall, Howard, and Brown were all suspended for the first two games of the season for receiving improper benefits. Devier Posey, Marcus Hall, and Daniel Herron were all suspended for their parts in a summer job scandal in which they were paid an excess amount of money for their job. Hall and Herron were each suspended one game while Posey was suspended five games. Herron and Posey were each serving suspensions for their part in the tattoo scandal that cost former coach Jim Tressel his job.

Ohio State seem to always be doing something else wrong. More than likely, they are going to be headed for a bowl ban. Ohio State already said they were going to strip itself of five scholarships over the next 3 years. I’m sure the NCAA will be adding to what Ohio State has done. Ohio State is meeting with the NCAA on December 10 to talk about the latest charges. Ohio State was waiting to hear from the NCAA about their hearing they had with the NCAA in August. Who knows when we will hear what the sanctions are now. What do you think is going to happen to Ohio State?